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Online lessons

During the online classes I follow each individual's journey with great attention and in a personalized way.

The instructions are individual, the levels are varied.

We use virtual platforms and share a "Drive" where I upload tutorial videos of different techniques, reference images, books, etc.

We follow a program that goes from the basics, learning essential techniques of drawing, continuing through the study of light and shadows, and ending with color theory.

You can start at any time. Bring your work for consultation and recommendations!

Schedules to be agreed upon according to your country of residence.


fee:  $40 USD per hour.



I am fortunate to have learned from great masters and I am very excited to share their teachings with the community.


Órbita Taller is a space where we share academic techniques and healing conversations. We bond through drawing and dialogue.


***Winter outside, but in the workshop the bodies embrace. They weave unbreakable relationships, parsimonious and happily useless new bonds. Between “Mate“ tea and laughter, oil painting reigns. Bodies that are thought, bodies that are painted.***


Flo Giovanni Pacini


— Figurative Drawing and Painting Classes —


In the workshop, technical drawing and painting tools are offered, we work mainly on the observation of natural and photographic references.

It is not necessary to have previous experience.  


instagram: @orbita.taller


Órbita workshop


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